New Bulletin Editor

So Trump got into the Whitehouse as President of America, and now Padraig Bree has got in as Editor of Galway Lions Club bulletin. Speaking at our July meeting  Padraig said “In agreeing to take on this prestigious role I am acutely aware of the long history of excellent editors we have had. Lion Dan Griffin was the original of the species, followed by Lion John Hanlon RIP, and Lion Tom Hogan, who has undertaken this task with aplomb and professionalism. In a Lions sense, each of these people have been heroes of mine, from Danny’s steady maturity, to John’s absolute attention to detail, and Tom excellently and diligently serving many roles in the Lion’s organisation. The shoes I have now inherited are very large and I do hope I will be able to come somewhere near to the high standards set by each of the previous editors. This standard is confirmed by the large number of times, the Galway Bulletin has won the National Bulletin Award at Convention”.   We wish Padraig well in his new role.